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Your Free Stuff USA is constantly on the lookout for contest, coupons and freebies. The website is updated daily to ensure that everything is current.

Many samples and freebies are offered by companies in the US that need a way to promote what they offer. They are trying to entice people into becoming future customers. We search for these offers and post them on our site. The only thing you need to do is complete the order form with your name and address. After this, make sure to hit the submit button. It is as simple as that! 

Samples are for everything from baby supplies to fragrances. Most of the items will take about 4 weeks to arrive at your door. 

Unlike other sites, we make it a point to only include freebies that have been verified and are useful to the entire community. We will never post any offers that were created to gain access to your personal information in order to sell it to a third party. We do not like websites that operate this way. 

Take a look at the tips page if you want helpful hints for getting the freebies you want and not wasting time on those you don’t. 

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